“Erin Hill’s book is an eye-opening look at ‘women’s work’ in the entertainment industry.  If you are asking why there aren’t more women in the executive suite or the director’s chair, the answer is here.” —Diane English, writer, producer, director

“An absolutely essential work. Erin Hill’s Never Done is elegantly researched and analyzed and profoundly moving, taking us through all the roles women created in early motion picture history. Exhilarating!” —Allison Anders, film and TV director and screenwriter

“Exactly the history we need!  Erin Hill provides a fascinating account of the work women have always done at all levels of the movie industry.” —Shelley Stamp, author of Lois Weber in Early Hollywood

“Hill offers a unique and exciting analysis of the largely unacknowledged work done by women in the film industry, providing a new history that shifts our understanding of old ones. Never Done will make a significant impact in the field.” —Mary Desjardins, author of Recycled Stars: Female Film Stardom in the Age of Television and Video